Nationwide Service

We strive to create engaging interactions through advanced technology, creative concepts, and strong partner relationships. As technology continues to develop, we consistently adapt our work to best utilize these developments in order to provide customers with a unique and immersive experience. We are aware of each client’s vision and work to integrate our technology in the most aesthetically pleasing and efficient way. We believe technology can breathe new life into event settings by providing consistent yet subtle movement to best enhance the customers’ sensory experience. We value the client-customer interaction and work to enhance this interaction through our designs.







A Selection of Signature Projects

With many trade shows and events happening across the country, we provide nationwide service to our clients. We have many years of experience in shipping gear nationally and providing supervisors to lead local labor on-site. We offer our services to a variety of industries in the trade show setting.  We understand each industry’s unique needs while also pulling inspiration from other industries to create the best design for each individual booth.


Leading-edge technology can provide customers with a unique experience in any event environment. Our gear rental allows access to advanced technology and equipment which will help enhance customer interaction and experience in any event setting.


Many different aspects must come together to create a successful event setting. With this reality in mind, we encourage collaboration and partnership in all facets of our work. We utilize our technology to better enhance our partners’ designs in order to create an immersive customer experience. We support the client’s vision by working with integrity, being accessible to all partners throughout the process, and assisting in any aspect necessary to benefit the overall work environment and customer experience.